Ramadan Reminder Cards

Ramadan is right around the corner! Advent calendars are all the rage because they are fun and they work! We love using making our own Ramadan advent calendars because they excite the children, create a Ramadan atmosphere, and help us […]

Winter FestivitEIDs

As the winter quickly approaches, the holiday season is all around us. I vividly remember this time of year from my childhood, I remember feeling so excited by the decorations, the crafts, and the yummy snacks at school. Yet a […]

Useful Ramadan Decor

Useful Ramadan Decor We all love to see beautiful decor around the house, but boy it can get expensive and superfluous! I don’t mind spending time or money on decor when I am getting something out of it, but for […]

Ramadan Tracker Surprise!

I have tried many trackers and countdowns till Ramadan, but I feel like after 30 days kids get bored of that same thought. Every year, I try to change it just a bit to make it more interesting and to […]