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DIY Countdown blocks

I’m all about things that are hands-on for children. I grew up in a family of engineers so everything in our household was made to order! These DIY Countdown blocks are sure to please, they were such a hit last […]

DIY Tarboosh & Fez Hat

A few weeks ago, my son had “green hat day” at school, it was a day to celebrate green hats and use them as a learning tool. They compared hat shapes, sizes, shades. This was around St. Patricks day, hence […]

Ramadan Reminder Cards

Ramadan is right around the corner! Advent calendars are all the rage because they are fun and they work! We love using making our own Ramadan advent calendars because they excite the children, create a Ramadan atmosphere, and help us […]

Winter FestivitEIDs

As the winter quickly approaches, the holiday season is all around us. I vividly remember this time of year from my childhood, I remember feeling so excited by the decorations, the crafts, and the yummy snacks at school. Yet a […]