Making useful decor for my home is one of my favorite ways of incorporating activities into our daily lives. Although our decor items don't always come out perfect, they are so much fun to make!

  • Ramadan Cheat & Prep Sheet

    It breaks my heart when I hear or feel Ramadan pass by like any other month. I grew up with Ramadan always coming around the
  • DIY Countdown blocks

    I’m all about things that are hands-on for children. I grew up in a family of engineers so everything in our household was made to
  • DIY Tarboosh & Fez Hat

    A few weeks ago, my son had “green hat day” at school, it was a day to celebrate green hats and use them as a
  • Israa & Miraj Activity

    Isra and Miraj can be a difficult event to explain to children because there is so many parts of it that are beyond the understanding
  • Ramadan Reminder Cards

    Ramadan is right around the corner! Advent calendars are all the rage because they are fun and they work! We love using making our own