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DIY Ramadan and Eid Countdown blocks

When it comes to anything related to Ramadan and Eid, I'm all about things that are hands-on for children. This creates engagement, excitement, and positive memories.  I grew up in a family of engineers so everything in our household was made to order, and when things didn't exist, I've learned to handmake things often! I've thus put together these DIY Countdown Blocks, they are super fun to assemble and are pretty cute and neutral to fit with most home decor. Little ones may need a little help, but should be good for upper elementary grades. They are sure to please, they were such a hit last year, I decided tweak them just a bit to make them super easy to assemble! These are recommended to be printed in color on cardstock (heavy duty is better, but usually get stuck in printers) to make them last just a little bit longer. My children love making these and genuinely enjoy keeping track of their countdown to Eid and Ramadan, this adds to the excitement and anticipation which I think is one of the most important things we can nurture in our children!

You will need (est. time 15 min):

  • these 3 pages printed (preferably on cardstock)
  • a scissor
  • glue stick or glue gun
  • a ruler (to help make straight creases)

Learning Objectives recommended ages 4+:

  • builds fine motor skills
  • helps familiarize basic geometry
  • calendar skills

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