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DIY Ramadan Cupcake Toppers and Chocolate Decorations!

DIY Ramadan Cupcake Toppers and Chocolate decorations!

It’s that time of year again, when I whip out some of my favorite techniques into fun Ramadan ideas!

Today’s idea was inspired by many posts I see online that use hot glue guns to make awesome plastic shapes, but who really uses a glue gun cell phone case? Lol, I did come up with this idea as a means of involving the kids and by no means is it professional looking! However, it does excite children and expand their creativity of what is possible!

What you need:

-Printable Template

-8.5x 11 piece of Parchment paper

Cupcake toppers:

-colored, glittered or plain glue sticks (I got mine at dollar tree…nothing fancy)


-Sharpie to fill in details


Chocolate Decorations

-melted chocolate in a piping bag


  1. Lay your template out and cover with parchment paper. Carefully use your glue gun (or chocolate piping bag) to trace and color the drawing.
  2. If making cupcake toppers, place toothpick at the bottom of the design while glue is still hot
  3. Wait for designs to cool and then carefully cut off any unwanted or crooked glue pieces
  4. Fill in details with sharpie and enjoy!

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