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Happy Islamic New Year!

Happy Islamic New Year to everyone! Since my kids have grown a little older now, I am trying to help them understand the concept of the lunar calendar and how all of our Islamic festivities and occasions fall with this calendar. It’s not easy especially when a child remembers an occasion in reference to a season or other national holiday. One easy tip I have found is to teach them the Islamic months in order using songs or rhymes. This has proven helpful because they are better able to understand where Ramadan and Thul Hijja (Eid al Udha) are in the year. Another tip is to simply excite them with small treats the day of an important Islamic day and maybe a cute lunchbox note! I am not about throwing parties left and right because I believe celebrations should be left for our Eid(s).  I do however, love the idea of doing a New Year’s resolution. This is so critical in my opinion for the Islamic New Year because we don’t set a specific time for ourselves to review our year and set goals for the next. I have thus, created this easy free printable to help you and your children to set goals for the New Year! I hope you all enjoy it and it helps you get just one step closer to improving yourselves and your families!

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