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Mawlid Al-Nabawi


Every year, when the Mawlid, or Prophet (pbuh) date of birth comes along, I struggle to have a hands on activity for the kids to work on. Ever since I began homeschooling, I began to focus on read alouds. We usually will work on a quiet, mindful activity while I read to the kids. I start out by laying out my expectation to the kids. This usually includes something like, "lets try not to interrupt unless its an emergency and we can talk and discuss at the end, Inshallah, God-Willing"

We also try to create a positive correlation between this event and the day. I make an attempt to make a special dessert and maybe even some herbal tea to enjoy this read aloud. We use this book right here, it's a very long book, we have been consistently reading about 6 stories every day for almost a month and are about a half way through. I like that its long and detailed because it helps grow a relationship and draws a clear character of who the Prophet (pbuh) was.

With all that being said, I tried to create a printable that was engaging, simple, yet had lots of detail about the specific story of the birth of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). I have made this pull out cube, the kids love showing it to family and friends because it looks like a simple cube and then they surprise everyone with the details of the story inside of it! I pray you and your family enjoy this and find benefit in it! Who knows maybe Ill do more of these for  all the prophet stories!

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