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Ramadan Tracker Surprise!

I have tried many trackers and countdowns till Ramadan, but I feel like after 30 days kids get bored of that same thought. Every year, I try to change it just a bit to make it more interesting and to change with my children as they grow. The things that excited them 3 years ago don’t excite them the same way any more. This year, we will have school ending mid-Ramadan, my children go to after school activities almost daily and I sometimes can’t wrap my head around all the things we have to get done for the day. I thus made this year’s tracker a little bit more easy to follow for our crazy days, but I have also included more important things for the days that we have a few minutes on our hands! The most important part of this in my opinion is LETTING THE KIDS HELP SET GOALS!

  1. It helps them achieve them since they are the ones who set them.
  2. Teaches them how powerful a small deed can be, and how realistic things are.
  3. Opens great discussion about what a ‘good deed’ is.
  4. Puts them in the spirit of Ramadan in a useful way (not just balloons and candy!)

With this said, they make up close to 75% of the actions, I may alter some or add some more realistic goals! My daughter tried to convince me to feed all of the people in the world (ouch!)…we altered that to all the people in a certain area (shelter). However, I did explain to them how if we do our part and each person does their part in the community we can achieve GRAND goals by simply doing our part!

Here is a few of our Goals…I urge you however, to ask your kids what they find important! I will also note that we repeat good deeds because doing it once is not enough sometimes!

  1. Give Sadaqah with a smile
  2. Give a treat to a neighbor
  3. Donate to food bank
  4. Explore the outdoors… Say Subhanallah!
  5. Send a Ramadan card to someone you love
  6. Help an elder carry groceries
  7. Donate a toy
  8. Make a duaa
  9. Plant a seed outdoors
  10. Give servicemen a treat!
  11. Give snacks to deliverymen
  12. Visit a children’s hospital
  13. Help set Iftar
  14. Wake up for Suhur
  15. Pray 2 ruka’a of taraweeh
  16. Talk to a librarian about Ramadan
  17. Send Ramadan coloring page to school
  18. Share a Ramadan Book with a friend
  19. Read 10 minutes of Quran
  20. Read 10 minutes of Quran
  21. Try to do Qiyam Layl
  22. Eat a date
  23. Say Alhamdulillah for something
  24. Practice saying Jazaka Allah Kheir
  25. Observe the moon… who created it? (incorporate moon phases here!)
  26. Make a treat/gift for family
  27. Make a Eid Card
  28. Fast for some time (1 hr, 3 hrs, 5 hrs)
  29. Prayed 5 times today! (Also prayed 1, 2, 3 times)
  30. Help clean up




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