Useful Ramadan Decor

Useful Ramadan Decor

We all love to see beautiful decor around the house, but boy it can get expensive and superfluous! I don’t mind spending time or money on decor when I am getting something out of it, but for the mere thought of ‘pretty’, I’ll have to think twice! I try to decorate with a purpose as much as I can. Sometimes the purpose is simply a subliminal messages like the words ‘Ramadan’. They embed a pride and source of comfort for my kids. Other times, the purpose is more tangible. I also try to constantly change and tweak Ramadan ideas every year so that there is always something new and exciting! This year I have taken our yearly balloon countdown to a more purposeful level. When my kids were younger (under 5), I used to fill balloons for 30 days with candy. Every night around Iftar time, we would pop the balloon to see candy come flying out. It was really exciting and built so many good memories and positive associations. Now that my kids are just a little older, we (kids and I) decided that candy is not so great for our teeth. I still wanted to include the thought of candy to keep them excited. So we improvised just a little bit by adding a hadith every day and chose 10 random days during the month to give them candy. There was quite a bit of learning here mainly for my 4 year old. We filled each balloon with a hadith from this awesome download:

30 Hadiths for Children

I printed 4 per page of these and simply rolled them into little notes and stuck them in the balloons. We then put candy in some of the balloons and then blew and numbered them 1-30. Now, every day that goes on in Ramadan we will pop a balloon and reveal our hadith and candy (sometimes).  I hope you enjoy doing this activity with your children this Ramadan!

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