About Me

My Vision

Simply Ramadan is your go-to for all things Ramadan and Eid! Ramadan is the most spiritual and holy month of the year for Muslims. We prepare for it all year long. I believe in great products and love to support local and small businesses . It’s quite amazing how much the market has grown with Islamic decorations, tableware, and festivities. It is my goal, however, to remember the true essence of Ramadan and hype our children and families about it! I also, often find a need for ideas rather than products, located in an organized way in one area. DIY’s have always resonated with me as a child into my adulthood and with my family. It is my mission to provide the easiest, creative ideas to enrich lives. I enjoy crafting WITH A PURPOSE, so I try to integrate crafts, Islamic teachings, academics and games together in ways that produce meaningful results. If each person can slowly improve themselves, it will allow families and communities to flourish InshAllah (God Willing). I pray that  this initiative becomes your go-to for all your creative needs InshAllah!

My Story

About 7 years ago I was blessed with a bundle of joy and suddenly this little cuddle bug morphed into a toddler and then a kid!  “It takes a village to raise a child” I often heard this and thought, I don’t have a village, and I have not 1 but 3 kids now! I began doing small meaningful crafts and lessons in hopes of doing this whole parenting thing right. Slowly, a few friends and family members got on board and I realized that there is more to these ideas than the local impact. We began making small groups in Ramadan where we would read a story, followed by a meaningful craft, and a small snack for the kids. This slowly grew into a larger project that we expanded to our Muslim Community Center. It has had great success and I dream of this project reaching every community if Allah wills!