Kids Islamic Resources


Let your child's inner creativity bloom! Here, we were doing a small lesson about the 5 prayers today and it blossomed into this activity. We basically talked about how many Ruka in each prayer and represented each ruka as a dot. We then used those dots to build our house. Everyday we pray, we are building a house, when we miss our prayers, parts of our house are missing! We also learned graph making skills by adding the dots to each column of prayers...try this with your children, it resonated quite a bit with mine! The template to download is available here:

Teaching Isra and Miraj is often difficult because of the supernatural components of it. It is beautiful to see how much kid's imagination can expand to actually understand it! Here is another printable designed for story telling. The first page has the main components of the story as well as the 'game pieces' so to say. The thought here is to cut these out and match them as the story is told. I have made it brief, please feel free to add details as your children would understand it!

There is also a copy with less color for those trying to save their blue ink 😉