Ramadan Club 2018

This plan looks overwhelming at first, but bear with me! I will break it down into a weekly planner inshallah so that you and your family can make the best use of this plan. There are a few important points to be made here:

  1. QUALITY OVER QUANTITY: The idea here is to Learn, Love, and Live the Ramadan spirit. Make sure you and your children are enjoying and learning every step of the way. It is better to complete one activity during the week with wholesomeness rather than 7 activities without engagement.
  2. This program may be done individually but is designed to be done with other families to form a community-like atmosphere.
  3. Pictures are great and all...but it's not about the gram! Let your child learn, love, and enjoy their 'useful crafts'. Many times, we are so quick to jump in and take over to make projects look pretty. If you want pretty project (I do many times), do them during nap times, school time, time away from your kids. When your children are present let them jump into the driver's seat and lead the creativity (also helps build confident leaders).
  4. Books are all suggestions, please feel free to switch! However, some of the books have matching activities relating to the time of month (begining, middle, end). Two of my favorite books that I can substitute any time are highlighted on the top 'When in doubt'. They are Migo and Ali for ages 5+ and Quran Activity Book for ages under 5. Both of these books are excellent because they have several stories in them!