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Ramadan Cheat & Prep Sheet

It breaks my heart when I hear or feel Ramadan pass by like any other month. I grew up with Ramadan always coming around the time of exams and busy days. As I grew and had a family, this only became harder with having more responsibilities. I always felt that as much as I prepared, I always seemed to fall behind around day 13. I would get upset with myself and continue to get frustrated and before I knew it, it was day 21, at this point I would just try to make the most of Laylat ul-Qadr and get Eid clothes ready and before I knew it, Ramadan was over.

Ramadan is so much more important than the food, clothes, and gifts we worry about. This is why these material things need to be done way ahead of time! We also have to set our goals and mindsets from NOW! I have set up my checklist of things that I like to prepare in advance, please feel free to add, remove, and alter as you please, this is merely a guide to get you started! I hope you enjoy and share this as always and I pray it benefits you as much as it has helped me!

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