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Ramadan Weekly Trackers!

Before Ramadan Weekly Tracker

We all somehow plan for Ramadan, sometimes more than others. In the previous years, I have found myself drowning the week before Ramadan trying to be super and failing miserably! I know I plan quite a bit for parties, Thanksgiving, and other occasions when I know I’ll be busy. This year, I decided to change that by making a general checklist that can work for almost anyone… I hope! This is NOT a spiritual tracker, but more or less a home organizer. More on spiritual training will come soon! I hope you enjoy this and start planning! Ramadan is only 4 weeks away!

3 weeks! Allahuma Baligna Ramadan (Oh Allah! Let us reach Ramadan). Now that we are done or almost done with some of the physical things that need to be cleaned/organized for Ramadan, we need to set our goals for Ramadan to help us figure out what we want from this month. This week we focus on setting goals for the month so we can mentally and physically start preparing for them. In addition, I choose to get kids trackers prepared or at least figure out what you are doing for their treats (and maybe start buying some items). Finally, it takes 3 weeks to create habits, so why wait for Ramadan to work on patience, generosity, thank-fullness? Start working on mentally getting these behaviors down BEFORE Ramadan rolls around so you don’t waste the month figuring it out. My printable link is here, share with a friend!

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