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Israa & Miraj Kids Activity

Isra and Miraj can be a difficult event to explain to children because there are so many parts of it that are beyond the understanding of children. I try to steer away from using the words 'magical' with my children as I always explain to them that magic is nothing but an eye illusion or science trick. So, with the topic of Isra and Miraj, I try and explain it to them from a more miraculous standpoint. We talk about how Allah (swt) is capable of anything and can do things that we don't see everyday. Allah is capable of miracles. I have created this worksheet using a few shapes to symbolize the Prophets (as), the buraq, and Jibreel (as). In case you have forgotten or never learned about this journey, I added some main bullet points on the left of the first sheet as a prompt to remind children and parents of these events! I hope you enjoy this and share it as this should be an event parents and children alike review yearly. My favorite takeaway from this whole activity is to remind ourselves and children that the outcome of this was a gift that Allah (swt) gave us of prayer.

Talk to your kids about how and why they think Salah is a gift and how we should treat gifts that are bestowed upon us! I even like to branch out in discussing how even the smallest of gifts are worth gratitude because we do not earn gifts as a reward. It's important to recognize this because it helps us create and raise less entitled children that expect things, such as gifts without earning them.

You will need (est. time 30 min):

  • these 2 pages printed
  • a scissor
  • glue stick

Learning Objectives recommended ages 5+:

  • Builds fine motor skills
  • helps build firm belief in oneness of Allah (swt)
  • helps children distinguish between magic and miracles

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