DIY Tarboosh & Fez Hat

A few weeks ago, my son had “green hat day” at school, it was a day to celebrate green hats and use them as a learning tool. They compared hat shapes, sizes, shades. This was around St. Patricks day, hence the green color. He came home asking me to help him make a hat. He asked me if I could buy him a tarboosh kit?! Ouch, ya, that doesnt exactly exist I told him. So he settled to make a conical shaped hat. In that moment it hit me. This was the perfect opportunity to make him a template (or craft kit) to make his own hat. I bring to you, our tarboosh kit to enjoy in Ramadan and Eid. It is tons of fun and helps children to always stick to their roots, gives them a sense of belonging and pride. We will make these Inshallah in red and purple for Ramadan! I hope you enjoy!



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