Ramadan Bookmark for Schools!

Ramadan School Ideas!

I usually try to go into my child’s classroom at least once a year to explain to the kids and students what Ramadan and Eid are. I know it can be daunting and confusing for teachers and students to wrap their minds around what exactly it is. But it can also be pretty strenuous on parents while having so much on their minds and being super busy with festivities, decorations, family, etc. This year I walked into my son’s first grade class and explained to the kids what Ramadan is. We read the book ‘Ramadan Around the World’ by Ndaa Hassan and I made them small trail mix goody bags to take home.  I wanted to do a simple *useful* craft that wouldn’t just be something cute they play with. So I decided to make a bookmark with a few reminder points about Ramadan. It would also be useful in having children try to apply some of these skills. In addition, our area strongly encourages children to participate in a summer reading challenge through the local library.  All these factors just made it seem perfect to make this the children’s take home gift! I simply printed this out the pdf on cardstock and punched a whole through the center and gave the students a small piece of thread and they got to chose 3 beads. They then beaded them through and tied it. This activity alone taught them to practice some patience and control. The teachers loved it and it was so simple, clean and easy! Print your out here:

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